Studies have shown that parent involvement in their students' education is a major step towards their success in the child's growth and academic achievement.  Below are some ways parents can be involved.


 Please contact South Family Liaison Tracee Traylor if you have questions about Engagement and Volunteer opportunities! or call South at 303-364-7623 ext 25805



We invite you to take part in:

-Monthly Parent Coffees
-Quarterly Accountability and Advisory meetings (SAAC)
-Fall and Spring Title 1 meetings
-Parent/Teacher Conferences  
-Family Learning Nights or other special events

-Attend choir/band/orchestra concerts
-Support South student athletes at games and meets
-Visit the school and observe a class
-Volunteer at lunch and recess periods
-After school homework help for students



Talk to Ms. Traylor about how to sign up for Parent Portal and view grades and attendance
Talk to your student about what they learned in school each day

Can you teach me something new? What homework do you have today?
Share with me what you learned in (Language Arts, Literature, Reading, Writing, Math, History, Social Studies, etc.) today.
Would you explain this concept to me?
 What is the goal of this section?
What project are you working on for school?
Don't accept "Nothing" or "I don't remember" for answers!

  • If possible, provide a specific place and time to work on school assignments. Try to reduce distractions such as music, television, noise and clutter.
  • Review report cards together. Reward your student for work well done. Encourage your student in areas that need improvement.


These are just a few examples of ways to engage in your student's learning. Don't wait..Get Involved!