Climate Surveys: 

"The National School Climate Center defines climate surveys as a comprehensive school climate tool that provides data that is used as a springboard for community-wide understanding, unified improvement planning, and implementation efforts as well as accountability. Research demonstrates that utilizing a climate survey tool recognizes the unique nature of each school’s history, strengths, needs and goals, and provides benchmarks as well as a road map for school improvement efforts (School Climate Brief, Vol. 1 No. 1, January 2010).
Measuring School Climate: A Tool-kit for District and Schools
Measuring School Climate: A Tool-kit for District and Schools was created by the Bully Prevention Working Group. This toolkit was developed by a subcommittee of the Colorado Bullying Prevention Working Group. The subcommittee members included state and district education leaders and community partners..... 
The purpose of this Tool-kit is to provide information and resources on measuring school climate. Specifically, the Tool-kit provides an overview regarding the guidelines for measuring school climate, assessing readiness for implementing a survey to achieve intended outcomes, and information regarding various climate surveys in use across the state and country....." ( CDE Website)

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South Middle School Climate Surveys:


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