7th Grade

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Subject matter is more complex and students are exposed to new challenges and ideas including:

  • Literacy. Students learn literature and language arts and are involved in projects that involve listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Enhanced math skills. Students go beyond the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and learn about absolute values, prime factorization, and expanded algebraic problems and geometry.
  • Introduction to applying the scientific process. Students learn ethics, safety techniques, experiments, and more and take more in-depth looks at scientific areas like the solar system, plants, and electricity.
  • Social studies. Students learn about early civilizations, how they were governed an what they contributed to human advancement.

7th Grade Teachers

South Middle School Counselor
Loretta Erickson
7th Grade Counselor
South Middle School 6th Grade Math
Rhona Nelson
7th Grade Math Teacher
South Middle School 6th Grade Science Teacher
Anne Kramer
7th Grade Science Teacher
South Middle School 8th Grade Literacy
Franklin Mitchell
7th Grade Literacy
Ashley Klint
7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Shaimaa Ruterbories
Visual Arts
Scott Wullstein
7th Grade Math Teacher
Jeff Barninger
7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Alaina Sigler
ESS Cross Categorical Teacher

7th Grade Classes