Why Choose South

In our community of trust, respect, and optimism, our students become ready to embrace life’s challenges as opportunities.

When you step on the campus at South Middle School, you know you're entering a place focused on students. Here, all our energies are dedicated to helping students become their best selves. We welcome them into a tight-knit community where trust and respect are central to how we treat each other. Here students can be themselves so they can focus on learning, growing, and embrace life's challenges as opportunities.

At South, inclusion is not just a strategy to help students overcome challenges; it is who we are.

South Middle School deaf squad student group

South students come from every circumstance and yet share common traits. Every day they show us their courage, grit, and determination to succeed.

Community Mindedness

Our teachers and staff work closely with students and their parents to remove learning obstacles so that as a community we can help the student be successful.


Our diverse, inclusive, and noble-minded teachers, staff, and students form a tight-knit community where students feel safe to be themselves and focus on learning.


Our resourceful teachers motivate students to try new things, consider new ideas, and understand differing perspectives so that they learn to think critically and discover their full potential.