About South Middle School

Trust, respect, and optimism are at the heart of who we are

South Middle School is a 6th- through 8th-grade school serving the Del Mar Park and Hoffman Heights communities. Our teachers, staff, and students are diverse, inclusive, and noble-minded, and, like our mascot the Lobos, we are a tight-knit community where students feel safe to be themselves and focus on learning.

From the time they enter as 6th graders until they graduate from 8th grade, students are immersed in an environment of trust, respect, and optimism. They grow in knowledge and confidence leaving South ready to embrace life’s challenges as opportunities.

We are South Strong!

Success, trust, respect,optimism, noble-minded & grit

Where curiosity and confidence thrive.

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Our Team

South's dedicated teachers and staff come from different backgrounds. They are here to listen to your story, support your social-emotional development and help you grow academically.

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Family Engagement

We welcome parent involvement and offer many opportunities to participate: parent coffees, parent-teacher meetings, family learning nights, visiting the classroom, and much more. 

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South Middle School students host Lobo TV
Lobo TV

Check out our student-produced weekly tv-show and school announcements. Our Lobos have talent!

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