Our Attendance Policies at a Glance

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School attendance is a joint responsibility to be shared by the students, parent or guardian, teacher and administrator.

Students enrolled in the Aurora Public Schools are required to attend classes, unless excused for good reason, in accordance with the Colorado Compulsory Attendance Law. Absences such as illness or injury, or absences approved by the principal and parents are regarded as excused absences.

Daily attendance is the responsibility of students and their parents or guardians. Irregular attendance may result in poor academic performance, lower grades, and an intervention plan developed by the parent/guardian and a site administrator. One of our goals at South is to keep communication open with parents by addressing concerns before they become problems. An immediate concern that has to be addressed is student tardies to school.

It is imperative that students arrive to school and report to class on time. When students are tardy it is detrimental to student achievement. The instructional process is interrupted and valuable instruction time is wasted. In an effort to decrease the number of tardies and clarify issues with parents and students regarding tardies, please review the following tardy policy with your child.

Communicating your student's absence is as easy as pressing a button on your phone! 

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Please visit our Attendance page for more details on our Attendance policies at South Middle School!