The Media Center includes two computer labs. It is used in conjunction with other materials and classrooms and serves all students and staff. The following rules apply to the Media Center:

  • Passes are required of each student coming from class.
  •  Students may use the Media Center during lunchtime with prior permission. Students must have permission to use computers during this time. 
  • Each student accepts responsibility for checked-out materials (up to two items at a time).
  • Students will need to present their student ID to check out books.
  • All materials leaving the Media Center must be checked out.
  • Charges for lost materials are based on replacement cost.
  • Once a student has an overdue item checkout privileges are suspended until fees are paid.
  • Students using the Media Center and Computer Labs are expected to treat people and property with respect. Students who fail this responsibility will lose their library privileges.
  • The Media Center is for reading and research.
  • Indoor voices are used in the media center at all times. There will be no exceptions.
  • Drinks, candy, gum, or food are not to be brought into the center.
  • If you take a book off the shelf, you are expected to replace it on a cart.